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Vote Questions
25 July 2016

Inkululeko in Mind on 17th July gathered to interrogate the impact of voting system in South African. The time had arrived to see politicians walking on dirty streets of townships waving hands, entering door to door canvassing for ‘working class votes’ more especial youth votes as trustees of nation. All political parties are promising commuters change; better lives for all, jobs, housing, quality infrastructure and lot more. August 3rd is big day...

K/Litsha Rejuvenated
13 June 2016

On a general scale, townships are known to have lost the culture of reading and writing although Inkululeko in Mind hold a core belief that townships formations never intended to generate reading atmosphere as spaces are violent, noisy and uncomfortable to readers and writers. However, on a micro scale this notion has been refuted by the latest book related event hosted at newly build Kuyasa Library in Khayelitsha on the 10th – 11th June 2016...

Int. Children's Day
20 November 2015

Celebration of children international day start with mediation – children were given a chance to interact with themselves, while instrumental music was played softly at their background. Khayelitsha like most townships of South Africa it exposes children in certain forms of abuses and violence – the problems of this society has is engrained in the psyche of children. 20th November was amended as International Children Day through recommendation...